StatusQUO is a story-focused first person action roleplaying game, focusing on the events of the fictional future city Next-Mombasa, a city on the brink of tearing itself apart.

You are Cal Ida, a hapless bio-enhanced contract merc living day-to-day in the crime ridden city of Next-Mombasa, you know very little of your past; only your name, and one word.


Explore the city of Next-Mombasa and beyond, do what you want- but try not to make too many enemies; Your hand will not be held.

IMPORTANT: The world of StatusQUO is bloody, disgusting, unforgiving and cruel. The game features topics and subject matter that some players may find distressing, disturbing, or otherwise triggering.


StatusQUO contains many unique systems that provide for a fresh, original experience; the BIOMOD system allows you to enhance yourself in numerous ways, with many different effects. Find biomods that fit your style of gameplay or experiment-- find as many as you can! They're the candy of the future.

Opposing to this system, however, is the FAITH system. The Faith system, opposing biomods by nature of keeping the flesh pure, is ordained by the blood rosary witches, The abilities granted from them are more spiritual in nature than the body-altering biomods. Installing biomods will decrease your faith-- find a balance between the two and gain power from both sides, or ditch either side completely, fully embracing the other.

Become a nigh-unstoppable bio-augmented super-soldier of the future with biomods, or embrace the more magical side of the world with the blood rosary witches-- or combine the two; mixing and matching to fit your style, the choice is yours.


StatusQUO takes place in the far off future, where medicinal sciences have progressed far past moral boundaries-- with new and bleeding edge development in biomods, implants, drugs, and other altering substances. Because of the general lack of access to these substances for the everyday person, the black market has seen a significant demand; the police are payed off, and sellers can operate almost openly, people can now afford easy access to life saving implants, but not all is as it seems.

The black market has a heavy human trafficking ring, and it preys on people who can't afford important implants-- those who resort to the shadiest sellers. This is where Cal's story truly begins.
After being contracted by concerned family members, Cal is tasked with investigating this disappearance, what she finds is not at all what she expects, and she's quickly thrust into a dark, wrong world that breeds violence.

Through this, Cal finds out that she's more than just the sum of her parts; and things go much deeper than she could have ever imagined.

The QUO Must Fall, No Matter the Cost.


Customise and suit Cal in a number of strange and shitty costumes-- bitches love dressup!

Time attack, challenge, jumble, and other modes

Hyper-realistic hand physics with subsurface scattering technology

An accompanying multiplayer side-game is planned too, but shh don't tell anyone shhhhhh

Then what are we?

2004 - 2145 ░ StatusQUO is the property of RedShift Software, so like, all rights reserved and stuff.