24.08.23: Rap rap rap, that's a wrap!

The site is now officially "sorta functional"! everything works and nothing leads to a 404, I hope-- of course this doesn't mean I'm gonna ditch you, I'll be updating the site as I see fit with all sorts relating to SQ (and maybe even more if you behave!) stay tuned~ (P.S, I don't apologise for the title of this one)

23.08.23: Spring cleaning (If you ignore the date)

Updated the site for the first time in a bit, the last time we left it, it was a bit... "not working", we've made the site a lot more readable and hopefully accessible; as well as this, we've been dealing with some silly stuff engine side, so watch for rapid engine switching... again, in other-- hopefully more exciting news, it looks like we've found a way to get some multiplayer features off the ground, so watch this space.

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